The Excretory System


Functions of the Exretory System

1) The kidneys pull harmful molecules out of your blood stream and leave the good ones in.

2) Kidneys also help when you are dehydrated, they absorb as much water as possible.

3) Kidneys filter water and send the bad stuff to the bladder.

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How the Excretory System works with the Endocrine System

1) Your Endocrine System controls your kidneys.

2) If you drink to much water hormones are released to produce more urine.

3) Kidneys are tied to the Endocrine System by the gland position on top of each kidney.

4) At a certain age hormones are increase the amount of urine you can produce.

What Can Go Wrong

1) You can have major problems if your kidneys start to malfunction.

2) If your kidneys don't filter properly urea will release poison and poison your cells.

Urinary system - Human Body
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