"The Axe Man"

"Don't go chasing waterfalls"

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Hero Info.

The Axe Man had a pretty decent life living with his parents Will and Tracy in a small down just north of Jacksonville. But there were some moments where he wished he didn't, his dad was a drunk. He would come home late and start yelling at his mom and he would beat her if she didn't do what he said, that really effected him as a child. As the Axe Man got older he started to realize that his dream was to protect people from men like his father,so he became really intelligent,strong,fearless, and most importantly a HERO.

Hero's Code- never kill,always have mercy even when you don't feel like you should, stay strong,positive,fearless, and never give up. Always save the innocent and be caring for the children.

Powers/Special Weapons- He has his powerful axe that can smash through walls and the ground.

Traits/Personality- Fine,Strong,Confident

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