Tuesday, November18, 2014

Text Your Students

Remind is a safe, secure and easy way to send reminders to students via text message. You only see the names of your students, not their phone number, and they only see your name -- not your cell phone number. Make sure your students' text plans are big or unlimited.


Question Generator

The Question Generator does just what its title says. Click on the "spin" button and and two-word question appear. This works for both closed and open-ended questions.


Help with Reading

Neil Goldman posted, "Rewordify helps you understand what you read. Paste any text or website into the box to rewordify the text into simpler language. Easier to understand words replace difficult text shown with highlighting. Click on the highlighting to view the original, more difficult word(s).


Grammar Corrector

Grammar Base is an instant grammar check program. Paste any text into the box to view errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, or plagiarism. Results display listing the number and type of errors. Errors are also underlined in your document. Corrections are not shown.


The Readable Test Tool

Use this tool to offer differentiated resources for the different reading levels in your class. At the beginning of the year, as you learn your students' capabilities, use this tool to find reading at the appropriate level to eliminate frustration. This is perfect for finding the "just right" level for you highly advanced/gifted students and those needing extra remediation. If you do discover that a website you want to use is over your students' independent reading level, you can still use it, just open Lingro (reviewed here) first; then enter the URL (web address) you want them to read. Lingro is a study aid and open content dictionary that makes all of the words (on a particular website) clickable for definitions and translation. Of course, if the sentence length or complexity is at a much higher reading level, simple word definitions will not make it "readable" for struggling readers.