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Sunday, May 22, 2022

May IN-PERSON Family Faith Sessions This Week!

Our May Family Faith Meetings are scheduled for this week of May 22. We are planning our Family Faith Sessions to be In-Person. Since the weather is forecasted to be hot this week, our sessions will take place both inside the Sacred Heart Church and Hall. Even if it rains, we will still meet in person since we planned the activities indoors. Please come to this event with your family (do not plan to drop off your child or allow children to attend alone).

During our May Family Faith In-Person Session, we will share family activities related to Pentecost. Sessions will be approximately 60 minutes. Below are details about our May In-Person Session. We can't wait to see you then!

Structure of this In-Person Family Faith Event

This In-Person Session will be set up for families to participate in different activities through two stations. Throughout the session, families will rotate to different stations, participating in the various activities.

What are the Dates and Times of our In-Person Session?

Sessions will be approximately one hour:

  • Sunday Morning Session: Sunday, May 22 at 11:15AM-12:15PM (Following 10:00AM Mass)
  • Sunday Afternoon Session: Sunday, May 22 at 4:00PM-5:00PM
  • Wednesday Session: Wednesday, May 25 at 5:30PM-6:30PM
  • Thursday Session: Thursday, May 26 at 5:30PM-6:30PM

*So that we can plan accordingly, please attend the session your family is registered.

What if it rains?

Since this month's Family Faith Sessions will be In-Person, indoors, in both the Sacred Heart Church and Hall, we will meet rain or shine. The morning of your session, an email will be sent confirming that day's Family Faith session.

What do we need to bring?

Nothing!! Be ready to participate and enjoy the time with your family!

Will there be any Zoom Meetings this week?

Since we are meeting indoors where it is temperature controlled, there will not be any Zoom Meetings this week. Remember to check your email the morning of class for any important updates!

This is a FAMILY Faith Event

This In-Person Session is a FAMILY event. Please come with your family. Parents, do not drop off or allow children to attend this event alone.

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mass readings for sunday, May 22: Sixth Sunday of Easter

In the last evening Jesus spends with the disciples before His death, He tries to show them two elements of reality that are difficult to hold together. Jesus' message to the disciples was:

He is going away, however, He will not leave them orphaned.

Jesus’ death is imminent, but His concern is for the disciples rather than Himself. Jesus reassures them that they will not be alone, and promises them peace.

Jesus offers hope not only to His immediate disciples, but also to all who love Him and keep His word. Over 2000 years later, we still understand Jesus' message to us. We know we can not be in His physical presence, but we are open to a deeper way of being in a relationship with Him.

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Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, May 22

Translated in English and Spanish

Jn 14:23-29 - "A peace the world cannot give is my gift to you" - "L-Ispirtu s-Santu jfakkarkom da
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snap a picture & share your crafts with us!

We welcome pictures of your children's projects and family engagement in Family Faith! Completion of the craft activities do count towards participation, so please feel free to email us a photo of the crafts that your children create! We will feature their work in our next Family Faith Newsletter!

  • Send photos to Once I receive your email, I will always send a reply email confirming I received it.
  • Include your child's first and last name (as you would want it to appear in the newsletter) and session your child is registered in Family Faith.
  • If you prefer we DO NOT include the photo in the next Family Faith Newsletter, please note that in your email.

Join us in Celebration!

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2022 Bishop’s Annual Appeal

Celebrating 40 Years— Continuing to Fan the Flame of Faith into Service

Holy Family Parish is at 86% of meeting our contribution goal for this year's Bishop's Annual Appeal! To date, pledges totaling $11,997.00 has been donated towards our $14,000.00 goal.

It is not too late to donate to this year's Bishop's Annual Appeal. We are grateful for the donations our parishioners have made! Kindly put your donations in an envelope labeled, "Bishop’s Appeal" and drop it in the collection baskets during Mass. Each gift, no matter how big or how small, is certainly welcome & greatly appreciated.

Donations from the Bishop's Annual Appeal benefits various ministries and areas throughout our Diocese. We truly appreciate your generosity and prayers. For more information about this year's Bishop Annual Appeal and ways to donate, click on this link:

Project IMT

Congratulations to Octavio (Jr) Aguilar, who is graduating from New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School, and committed to Rochester Institute of Technology in New York on Decision Day! We are so thankful for all of Jr's commitment and positivity throughout his time with NeXt Level & Project IMT.

Uplift Video of the Week!

Athlete runner loses her shoe, but wins the race!

A seven year old runner named, Lay Lay, has become an internet sensation since this video went viral showing her participating in a 200m running race. The video shows Lay Lay starting her race at the start-point, but looses her shoes while running! She then goes back to the start-point, puts on her shoe, gathers her strength and finally wins the race by being the first to the end line!

7-year-old girl loses shoe, comes back to win race | Morning in America

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