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Upcoming Week: Reader's Workshop

This short week of school, we will continue to focus on inferring while reading. This is a task that takes time and practice to develop and recognize. Students started their practice last week, and this week we will focus on inferring about characters in different texts. They will also be practicing independently in their good fit books.

Please continue to ask your student questions as they read at home. Once they are done with their 20 minutes of reading have them talk with you about the book. This is a great way to see if they are "real" reading or hurrying through the pages. It also checks their understanding of the book. I am putting some question stems down below for your use.

** Homework this week will be to complete the Artifact Bag by Friday. I also plan on sending a few Home Link math pages home for practice this week. The Artifact Bag directions will come home, but just for a summary: It is a bag containing a few items that would represent something about the student. We don't want names on the bags. We will be inferring who the owner is and what the items represent on Friday. The kids will be practicing with my artifact bag tomorrow.

Practice at home by reading at least 20 minutes every night!

**Having your student use post its to make notes while reading can help with their thinking as well as any reading homework. This can also help them respond to their reading.

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Pillow Making

I am asking for your help. I want to create unique reading pillows for the kids. I want each of them to bring in a regular sized t-shirt of their own that they love, but are willing to make into a pillow. I want to take these, sew them, and stuff them to make reading pillows for the classroom. The kids work a lot on the floor and around the room. These will make reading feel even more comfortable. Please send in one t-shirt for your child, and if you happen to be at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and would like to donate pillow stuffing, that would be great. Thanks so much!! They will look somewhat like the pic below.
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Upcoming Week: Writer's Workshop

We are diving into one of my favorite units of the year, narrative. The students will be writing stories/books about events in their lives. These stories and even the brainstorming always leaves me in awe of their capabilities. They are truly creators and authors. We will begin by talking about topic choice (which is the hardest part of writing). Choosing a topic is serious business. We go into a lesson on a watermelon idea vs. a seed idea. Zooming in on one small moment (seed) will provide a much more personal story than telling a list of what happen (watermelon).

Students will start brainstorming ideas and creating a watermelon list and a seed list. We will then talk about writing in a storyteller's voice. We all know a great storyteller in our lives. Think of the way the words roll off the tongue and how pulled into the words you are. This is what our lesson will be about, how to create that feel in our writing. I'm looking forward to seeing what the kids decide to write about!

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Upcoming Week: Math Workshop

Unit two is starting this week. On Tuesday the kids will begin by taking a quick pre-assessment so that Mrs. Dalton and I can see what the students already know and where we need to lead our lessons. This unit is all about addition and subtraction. This unit sets students up for success as the content spirals and gets harder through the year. We will be looking a lot at story problems as well. We will be studying the key words and phrases and using problem solving strategies to determine the best way to solve. Facts are also extremely important for your child to know well. If you see that your student takes a longer time to figure addition and subtraction problems, mastery of the math facts will help this immensely.

Please look for Home Links to come home this week. When they are assigned students need to complete the practice that evening and return the next day. This is a great way to have purposeful practice of what we are studying in class as well as keeping parents and guardians aware of the vocabulary being used.

Upcoming Week: Inquiry

The way our communities play, work, and live together will be our focus of conversation this week. We will discuss all the ways Noblesville comes together to do all of those things. Students will discuss together, ask questions, and think about some of the problems that our community needs to tackle. Through the eyes of the kids, we will look at community problems. Collaboratively they will brainstorm solutions, think about community members that could help, and work together to express their feelings in some manner. This will be a student led learning lesson. I will display pictures and videos as we move through the process.

Specials Next Week:

M -

T - Art

W - Music

Th - PE

Fri - Tech

Thursday is our library day! Please don't forget those books so you can get new ones!

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up:

Thank you to everyone that has already signed up. If you haven't done so yet, please click on the link and choose a time. Thanks!

Have an amazing week!!

Please check the school newsletter for Cougar Challenge information!! It's getting closer!!

September 18th is the big day!!

Look for bright yellow flyers to come home Tuesday evening on Cougar Challenge as well as the first movie night.

I look forward to a great week of learning together!

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