Emperor penguin

Classification and Evolution

  • Found in Antarctica
  • Breed during the coldest time of the year on ice
  • Flightless birds, small wings, help them fly through the water
  • Kingdom- animalia
  • Phylum- Chordata
  • Class- Aves
  • Order- Spenisciformes
  • Family- Spheniscidae
  • Genus- Aptenodytes
  • Species- Aptenodytes Forsteri
  • their closes relationships are King penguins

Anatomy and Appearance

  • stands up to more than a meter in height
  • feathers vary with black on the back and white on the front, and patches of yellow towards the neck
  • black clawed feet are webbed to help them swim, and use there bellies to move
  • have a tripple layer of feathers, and thick layer of blubber under their skin
  • well adapted for swimming
  • live together in colonies that contain thousands of individuals
  • they find a mate and use vocal calls to find each other and return to the breeding sight
  • weigh 88 pounds
  • live up to 40 years old

Diet, prey, and predators

  • carnivorous animal
  • hunts and eats animals in the surrounding waters
  • mostly eat fish, krill, and squid
  • leopard seal and the Southern Giant petrel are the predators