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December 15-18

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Upcoming Events

I'm proud to announce that our students were SUCCESSFUL in the Waste Free Lunch Challenge we did last Friday! On a normal day, 4th and 5th graders generate 4 bags of trash at lunch. On the day of the Waste Free Lunch Challenge, we had only 1 3/4 bags of trash! Even better, we filled one whole bag with milk cartons, plastic bottles, and other items that were taken to the recycling dumpster instead of the trash. (Check out the photo of some of my recycling helpers!) The students are interested in having a recycling container available EVERY DAY during lunch, so next we are going to investigate how we can make this happen. I will keep you updated as we continue to pursue permanent changes that can benefit the environment. To celebrate our success, we will have a concert by the Dumpster Drummers on Thursday, December 18. Check out their website for a preview: We're so excited to have them at our school!

Please don't forget about our class book exchange. Your child needs to bring in a new or gently used wrapped book that is appropriate for another 4th grade student. Please send the book in by Wednesday afternoon so I have time to make arrangements for any students that were not able to bring a book. Then, on Thursday afternoon, we will have a Christmas celebration in our classroom, and the students will exchange their books. Thursday is also GOODY DAY! For Goody Day, the kids are invited to bring in a snack (food item or drink) to share with the class. We will set up all of the snacks, and they can each fill a plate and cup with their yummy goodies to enjoy while watching a movie.

Some other special events going on this week:

Tuesday -- Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Wednesday -- Pajama Day!

Thursday -- Elf Day / Holiday Dress-Up Day!

This week's special schedule:

Monday--Art, Tuesday--Gym, Wednesday--Computer Lab, Thursday--Library

There is NO SCHOOL for students this Friday. School will resume on Monday, January 5. Enjoy the long break!

Last Week's Learning

Last week the students had fun reading Christmas or winter-themed books to their Kindergarten Book Buddies. These kids look forward to seeing each other so much, and although their time together is short, they are developing important bonds. It is fun to see the older and younger kids interact. Check out some of the buddies in these pictures.

What We Are Studying This Week

DOL/Journal -- There will be no DOL or Journal this week. During morning work time, the kids will practice reading comprehension skills using passages from and other Christmas-themed practice sheets.

STARS Club -- We will wrap up our 2nd quarter STARS Club groups this week. Please check with your child to see if he/she took the AR test for the novel that was read this quarter. All students should have a test to take (or that they've already taken). We will begin new groups after Christmas!

Math -- We will study Lesson 9-6 on Monday and then have a Topic 9 test on Tuesday. For the test, students need to be able to estimate quotients by finding compatible numbers, solve multiplication and division story problems, and do 1-digit quotient (with remainder) long division problems, such as 38/6. Monday's homework will be a practice test that will help prepare your child for Tuesday's test. On Wednesday and Thursday we will have fun Christmas math activities! These will review lots of different skills, including story problems and logic puzzles. There will be math homework on Monday and maybe Wednesday, with a test on Tuesday.

Science --Since we wrapped up Unit 2 last Friday, we are not going to start Unit 3 until after break. Instead, we are going to study SNOWFLAKES! The students will read a Science A-Z reader about the three states of matter (solid, liquid, and gas), and we will also read the awesome picture book biography Snowflake Bentley about a scientist and artist who made snowflakes his life's work. We will even do an experiment about the three states of matter that will be lots of fun! If all goes according to plan, there will not be any science homework this week!

Word Work -- There is no spelling list for this week! (Merry Christmas, kids!)

Reading & Language -- We will finish reading the novel The Family Under the Bridge. The students will identify character traits for the main character, Armand, and will find evidence in the story to support their choices. We will also write a long essay explaining how Armand changed in the story. There will be a quiz over the story on Wednesday, and students will be expected to take the AR test, too. There should not be any reading homework this week!

Social Studies -- We will review Unit 2, Lesson 3 on the exploration of Indiana, fur trappers and traders, and the French and Indian War. There will probably be a homework assignment on Monday or Wednesday.

This Week's Funny

Do you ever feel like this? Hopefully you get a bit of break during the holidays! May you all have a relaxing, fun-filled time with your family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. We're going to have a VERY MERRY week!

Mrs. Kara Silver

4th Grade Teacher

Clarks Creek Elementary

Plainfield Community Schools