Classroom News

EPiC 3rd Grade


This week we began our Civics Unit. We researched the question, "Do you think all humans should be treated equally?" The students learned that although they think all humans should be created equally, often groups can be discriminated against.

Then, we simulated the feelings of discrimination. The students read, The Star Belly Sneetches and then they were given a chance to spend the day "with stars" and "without stars." As we continue this unit we will further investigate the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr. and we will explore ways to encourage kindness and empathy within our school.

Below is a video of a few students reflecting on their learning.

EPiC Elementary Studio Three Building Empathy by Understanding/Experiencing Inequality

Blogging and Digital Volunteers

Narrative: The students are working on posting stories from their lives. Particularly, we have learned how to write about one small but unforgettable moment and we have learned to write a quality ending. The students would love to hear your comments on their narratives. Here are some teaching points as you comment this weekend!

  1. Does the writer focus on one small but unforgettable moment?
  2. Does the writer include details that help create a picture for the reader?
  3. Is the narrative organized with a beginning, middle, and end?
  4. Did the student edit for proper capitals, punctuation, and complete sentences?
  5. Is the title correctly capitalized?

Click here for a quick link to our blog.

For more information regarding sentence starters and digital volunteer groups click here.

The students love reading your positive and constructive comments. Thank you for the support! It is amazing how much the students have grown from this process.

Math Facts

All students are officially working on fluently multiplying and dividing within 100. One piece of this is learning to quickly and accurately solve multiplication and division facts using mental math. We have set individual and class goals that we are working toward to help gain this fluency. One way to help your child would be to log into Reflex Math on a regular basis and encourage practice! Click here for a link to the Reflex Math site.

We are having a friendly competition to see who can reach 100% mastery first. Currently Homeroom 1 has 33% mastered, Homeroom 2 has 41% mastered, and The Teachers have 42% mastered.

To find out how your child his doing ask him/her to log into Reflex. Once logged in ask them to "click on their pyramid" and you can see what facts have been mastered and what facts need continued work.

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Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches a few things to note...

  • Your students will only need to bring in 25 Valentines. (More details to come soon.)
  • We will make a box/sack at school.
  • The party and Valentine exchange will be February 11th from 2:00-2:30.

January Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer in the month of January please click here.

January Dates

  • January 13th: PTA Meeting
  • January 19th: No School
  • January 22nd: Winter Family Event- Skate Night
  • January 27th: Cici's Night


If possible, please ask your student if they have working headphones at school. Much of our work on-line requires sound. A lack of headphones can make it difficult for your student to learn.