The 12 Reading Genres

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is the fiction genre that takes readers back into the past. Usually in historical fiction there is adventure in the story. The plot usually takes place 40 years in the past.


Memory is the root word of memoir. Memoir is a non-fiction genre usually about a loved one. These memories can be funny, happy or sad.


The thriller is a fiction genre that creates emotion. The books always keep you on the edge of your seat. The genre is usually page turning that you won't want to stop reading.


Adventure is a fiction genre that has a lot of action. Like thriller you might want to keep reading late into the night.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is another fiction genre. In the genre there are things beyond you're wildest dreams. There could be flying cars or rocket powerd boats. Sci-fy usually includes the adventure genre where you can fight aliens.


A biography is a non-fiction genre that is written about a person about somebody else. A biography is kind of like a memoir in some ways. Like its's a book about someone's life.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a fiction genre. In the realistic fiction genre.


An autobiography is a non-fiction genre. In an autobiography is a person writing about their life.


Humor is a fiction genre. Humor books might be about 190 page books because they're only for entertainment.


Romance is a fiction genre. Is usually a novel about young love.


Fantasy is a fiction genre. Fantasy is a novel that can take place in medieval times or in the present. Fantasy is about supernatural people or things.


Mystery is a fiction genre. About someone figuring out a crime.