Respiratory System

By: Emily,Kenzie,Danielle,and Susan

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The lungs

The lungs receive its own bronchial branch inside the lungs the bronchi divides into other tiny bronchi's. At the end of each bronchi are Alveoli (tiny air sacks at the end of the bronchi.) An abundance of capillaries surround each Alveoli. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels. Did you know 300 million alveoli may be found in a pair of human lungs. Also there are approximately 1500 miles of air ways in the lungs.

The nose

The nose helps filter the air you breath with tiny hairs. When the nose takes in the air for oxygen it sends it to the lungs, when the lungs take in the oxygen it sends out carbon dioxide when you exhale. Did you know that a healthy adult breaths in and out about 12 times per minute.

The diaphragm

The diaphragm is the most important muscle in the respiratory system.The diaphragm is dome-shaped.It is the main muscle.Also when you breath out the diaphragm gets smaller.When you breath in it gets bigger.

How other body systems affect the respiratory system

The lungs are able to exchange and go between the air and the blood.This affect happens in the circulatory system.

The Trachea

The lungs have so many blood vessels because the lungs take in oxygen but the thing is that the seance walls are so thin and that causes the oxygen and it goes into the heart and then trough out the body.Choking is one of the most seen problem of the trachea when choking it stops air from passing trough your trachea and it can stop you from breathing.Long choking creates arovia and result is mostly fatal.
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Air goes into your body through your nose or mouth. Next it travels down into your trachea. Then goes into your left or right lung. After the air is in your main tubes the air goes into your bronchi. Did you know that your smallest bronchi are called bronchioles.


Your alveoli are at the ends of your bronchioles. There are over 600 million in one lung. They help get oxygen into your blood steam, and get out carbon dioxide out. Your alveoli are only 1 cell thick.

How do other body systems effect this respiratory system

The immune system effects the respiratory system because pollen, sometimes bad for you. Could get inside you but the lymph noders would catch it before the rest of your body would. Lymph noders are small round structores along the small vessels

How does the respiratory system affect other systems

The circulatory system affects this system because when the lungs pick up oxygen it is taken by the blood stream and also taken around the entire body. The nervous system affects this system because nerve impulses are sent to the respiratory center from receptors in the lungs.

Disease of the Respiratory system

You could get Bronchitis, a common cold, damaging your alveoli, and making it hard to breathe,bronchitis affects this system because the bronchi allows air to flow through your body. The bronchi can get inflamed making it harder to breath. Lung cancer affects the respiratory system because it could decrease air exchange. Asthma also is a disease in the respiratory system because of coughing.

Blood in the lungs and blood in the blood vessels

If you are not getting enough air in your lungs then it can couse you to cough up blood in the blood vessels in the lung the things that you should wach for is if you are coughing up blood and you should get medical help right away. If you are coughing up blood and have:
  • A cough that produces more than a few teaspoons of blood
  • Blood in your urine or stools
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Light-headed
  • Severe shortness of breth

Diseases and Illnesses

There are three illnesses that I found.One of them is tuberculosis.Also there is tonsillitis and pneumonia.

Environmental facts

Smoking is bad for our lungs.When children breath in smoke they suffer day and night.Also they have runny noses and wheeze.