I am numer four summary

By leO


Three lived in Kenya with his Cepan (guardian). They were sleeping when they heard a noise outside. Three's Cepan got stabbed in the chest. Then three ran away. But they caught up to him and killed him.

a new life

Number four was living in Florida with his Cepan, Henri. They lived there for a few month. And then they had to move because people knew he was an different. Thats when four changed his name to John Smith and moved to Ohio.

John gets his new powers

John Started to gain his legacies (powers) during class and decided to run to the nearest closet he could find. Later Henri picked him up from school and explain more about his legacies. Henri told him he will gain more legacies later in his life.


John,Sarah, and Sam all went on a spooky trail in the woods. They find out that Mark and his friends are going to be the ones scarying people. Mark and his friends took Sarah and beat up John and Sam. But John used his powers to get Sarah back and then went home.


John is training to use his powers. Sam already knows what he is. Henri told Sam that he is fire resistant.


They didn't know what to do, but number six came to help. They fought most of the the mogadorians but is having a hard time killing them all. Henri died while fighting. But John and six used all of their powers and managed to kill them all.

FIND the OTHER ones

The next day six and John decided to go find the rest of the people like them, left on earth, because some day the mogadorian will come back to fight. Sam decided to go with them so that he can help and someday find his dad. John said bye to Sarah and Mark and that one day they will meet again.