Mark Twain's Life

The Life Of Mark Twain By:Conner Hicok


  • Mark Twain was born on Nov. 30 1835 in Florida and died April 21 1910
  • He was the sixth child of John Marshall and Jane Lampton Clemens
  • He was born 2 month's prematurely and had poor health for the first 10 years of his life
  • Since he was taken care of he liked to test his Mom
  • His Mom was humorous and that's were he got his humor


  • He moved to Hannibal Missouri when he was 4
  • His childhood friend based the character for Hukleberry Finn
  • He based some of his books scene
  • After his dad died he worked at several jobs in town
  • His friend drowned and later he found a slave that his friends brother was secretly feeding it


  • He was apprenticed in a paper printer but they allowed him to continue his education
  • At age 9 he joined a private school
  • At age 13 he left school and worked at a printing office
  • He stopped because his family needed money
  • At age 21 he learned how to pilot a steam boat


  • For almost 2 decades he was a itinerant laborer
  • He went to New York to work at a large printing shop
  • He persuaded Horace Bixby to take him as his riverboat apprentice
  • He was afraid he was going to become a gunboat captain so he quit river boating
  • He started writing books


  • His parents are John Marshall and Jane Lampton Clemons
  • His oldest brother's name is Orion
  • His youngest brother's name is Henry
  • He had 2 daughters
  • One name is Clara


  • He started a club called the Anglefish Club
  • He liked to travel
  • He liked to play "hookey" in his younger years
  • He liked testing his mother
  • His tone was angry in his later years


  • He met and fell in love with Laura Wright
  • His brother Henry got badly hurt from a boiler explosion on the Pennsylvania
  • He joined the Marion Rangers but quickly left
  • He submitted several letters to the Virginia City Territorial Enterprise
  • Some of his articles and sketches appeared in the New York Papers