Michael Hand's Smore Project

The Haunting Of Gabriel Ashe

The message of my book is, A boy named Gabe moved to a small town called Slade.gabeets somebody named Seth and he shows Gabe this game called the Howlers Notch. Seth's brother played the game before Seth and told him about the game and the two played the game together until Seth's brother went missing. Then Gabe came and started playing the game with Seth. Gabe fell in a hole with Seth and they both passed out. Gabe had a dream that he met Seth's brother and got told that he's coming... The Hunter. The Hunter came and said he won but Gabe told The Hunter "Is this what you want?" the Hunter said "this is what supposed to happen and I will never lose." After all the trouble the Hunter dropped tons of rocks on Gabe and died. Seth felt so bad and never talked again.
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King George the III Americas Enemy

The authors purpose was to tell about King George The III and how he became the new king. The reason I know this is, In the book it said The kings son will soon be and will be the new king." Also it tells about how George Was hated being the king of England and how he sort of controlled America.
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