Save the Chimpanzees!


Reasons for Endangerment

Chimpanzees are endangered because leopards hunt them. Humans also cut down trees and destroy their place to live. (National Geo)


The classification of a Chimpanzee is a mammal. They weigh up to 70-130 pounds. Size 4- 5.5 feet. Unusual characteristics are that they share 98% of the same genetic blueprint as humans. Special body covering is fur. They communicate with different voice calls. (National Geo)

Food Chain

Food Chain

Chimpanzees get their food from trees, plants, and dead carrion. Chimps eat meat, insects, plants, and fruits. They are omnivores. (National Geo)


Chimps live in the content Africa( Arkive). They live in a variety of woodlands, evergreens, forests, and decidous forest. The evergreen forest is humid, the woodlands are very dry(National Geo). The type of home the have is a near belt of comprise near solid trees(Arkive).


Chimps have longer arms then legs, bare skin on their face, ears, palms, and soles of their feet. Their long arms allow them to swing through trees easier. Their behavior is very social. THey travel in smaller groups. They are one of the few species to use exhibit tool use. They use nutcrackers, fly wisps, and rods to get food. They use their posable thumbs. They operate in groups to hunt.
Chimpanzee carrying behaviour (Movie S1)

Critical Information

Chimpanzees are protected by law. The United Nations Environment Program has established a Great Ape Survival Project. The Jane Goodall Institute is involving local people in sanctuaries and education programs about Chimpanzees(Arkive).