Middle Childhood Health Concerns

Abbie Ellison 2nd


  • By 11, children have auditory awareness like adults
  • Ear infections can occur
  • Number of infections decrease due to changes
  • Permanent hearing loss if untreated
  • Mid-range sounds develop first
  • Low and high rand follow
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  • By 6, most children are ready to read
  • See objects with both eyes at same time
  • Preschool children are usually farsighted
  • Close up vision improves
  • Nearsightedness becomes a problem later on
  • 25% of children will need vision corrections
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  • Begin losing primary teeth
  • Central incisors are first to fall
  • By 12, all 20 primary teeth fall
  • May not look proportional to kid
  • May become self-conscious
  • Tooth decay is a common problem
  • Poor hygiene equals more cavities
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  • 20% more than people of same sex
  • Affects about 25% of school age children
  • May have fewer friends
  • May get teased
  • Could be inherited if parents are over weight
  • The environment can cause it
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