Tips and Tricks to Get the Most From Your Technology Tools

Adding a Printer

We have a new printer in the Media Center (yay!). But if you use a Mac you need to make a few adjustments to your computer in order to access it (boo!).

Step 1

From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences --> Print and Scan

Step 2

In your list of printers, select Media Center BW or Libray Laser BW. Underneath the list of available printers already on your Mac, click on the minus sign.

Then, click on the plus sign to add another printer.

Step 3

On the top menu bar of this next window, make sure that "IP" is selected, and that under protocol it says "Line Printer Daemon, LPD".

On the "Address" line type in the address of the printer you wish to add. In this case the address is:

After a few seconds a message should appear under the IP address you just added saying that it is a "valid and complete address" and the proper driver for the printer should appear next to the "Pring Using" line. At this point you should give the printer the name Media Center BW.

Click Add.

    Step 4 (Final Step)

    If you get a message window with a "duplex" option, select it and choose Continue. Close System Preferences and you're all set. You can also have me set up your laptops for you!