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Craig Brown report

Craig brown is one of the great curlers in the 2014 olympics this year.he is 38 years old, he was born on august 18,1975.At the age of 8 Craig started curling.He began competing in 1989.He was named USA curling assocation 2000’s male athlete of the year.

Craig Brown

This is a photo of craig brown curling in the olympics tryin to figure out how to confuse his opponet.

2013 Stu Sells Oakville Tankard: Erika Brown vs. Lisa Farnell

curling Match

Here is a old match of some curlers.You should watch this video to help you understand how the game of curling is done

short clip

Here is a short clip of the officals organizing the balls to set up the curling match.
CURLING: Brown Rink to the button



Recently In the curling world Craig brown has been in 6 match's this past week. The us olympic team hasn't done very well this year,also craig Brown has won 2 of the 7 matches he has been in

Team usa curing match

Here's a recent match of the us team curling.
2014 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Curling - Men's Playoff #3