9-1-1 water

make a spash and donate in a flash!

What's happening in Flint, Michigan?

The water in Flint, Michigan has bad taste, has bad colour, and its very unhealthy. People pull water from a river with Flint water. After 18 months, the number of children that had lead in their blood had doubled. This whole thing began when the city switched with Detroit's water system. The salted water has made the pipes all rusted. Citizens weren't alerted about their water for nine months. Federal officials went to investigate about the flint water. And government Rick Snyder finally declared a state of emergency this week. People now cook with bottled water. The state has committed $10.6 million to try and fix the mess.

How can you help?

Mr. Salerno's class is trying to reach 750 water bottles. If you would like to help, please donate some water now (Donate the water at the front of our school gym)!