Harley-Davidson Motor Company

By: Brennan Harris


Harley Davidson started in 1903 when 5 men, the leaders William Harley and Arthur Davidson, all expirienced mechanics, joined by Ole Evinrude, created a motorcycle making company in a wooden shed in Milwaukee.

The location of Harley Davidson was perfect for the company. Milwaukee was a major port and railroad stop in America at the time, rapidly expanding from the iron, steal, wheat, and all the attention. Many European immigrants chose Milwaukee as a place to live.

The time Harley Davidson started up, 1903, starting a motorcycle business was a good idea. Motorcycles were getting popular as well as cars and other motorized vehicles. Horses were disappearing off the streets. However, motorcycles at the time in America weren't very good. They bursted into flames, leaked oil, and were as strong as a man.

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The original Harley Davidson factroy


The company started because at the time, bicycles were rampaging America. They allowed people to go faster and farther. H-D wanted to improve the bicycle, and take the work out of it. They knew it would be popular because people loved bicycles.

H-D's effect on society is bringing a fair priced reliable motorcycle on the road that will win the race. H-D also brings better education, environment, and health to areas around H-D plants. Harley's effect on pop culture is showing the rugged individualism, inventiveness, and pioneering spirit of America.
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Harley Davidson improves society by helping the Hunger Task Force


The beginning of Harley Davidson was 3 brothers (Harley) and 1 old school friend (Davidson) getting together to build a wooden shed that was the first Harley Davidson HQ and plant. The company's first motorcycle had 3 HP and had 1 cylinder.

The company changed by in 1905, gaining a first full time employee. Then in 1908 H-D gained a new larger brick factory. In 1910, the red brick factory was built, which is know the Harley Davidson HQ. In 1911, Harley produced the legendary v-twin engine. This engine was much better than any other and put Harley in the lead of the world for motorcycle brands in 1920.

Now Harley Davidson is a leading brand in motorcycles and you can find dealerships around the world. On average, H-D sells 40,359 bikes in a year. It is located in 67 countries and offers over 500 models today.

Harley Davidson is better than when it started because in 1905, you could barley see a Harley outside Milwaukee and Chicago. The company had sold only 11 bikes and hadn't thought of charity at all. Today H-D is one of the best motorcycles in the world, and is wildly popular, solidly proven. Harley Davidson has also been in part with the Hunger Task Force for 20 years.

Important Person

Arthur Davidson was born in 1881 in Milwaukee and grew up going to school with the Harleys. What Arthur contributed to the company was mainly helping design bikes at the start, then persuade the government to use Harleys in the postal service. This formed the bond that allowed Harleys to be the main American bike in both world wars. Without Arthur, the company would have never reached it's current popularity.
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The best seller for Harley Davidson was the 1915 11F. This bike topped all Harley Davidson sales and still does. It features the 3 speed transmission, and used the v-twin engine. It also had an electrical lighting system. All of this was very advanced for the time. The most important product is the v-twin engine. The v-twin is what caused H-D to top all other motorcycle brands. The product came in 1911, and before this, bikes had 1 cylinder engines, which restricts acceleration and sharp turns. Without the v-twin, Harley would have never succeeded.

The products are marketed by the Harley Davidson goal of providing reliable bikes for fair prices. A persuasive technique is transfer, because Harley uses a wild, American spirit reminiscent of the undiscovered American west.
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