St. Viator Parish School

Safe Return to School Edition v.2: July 24, 2020

Diocesan Update: July 22, 2020

In case you did not see the Diocesan update on Wednesday night, please see below.

Our Safe Return to School

During Wednesday's Diocesan Advisory Council meeting, it was decided to allow two choices for our families in August: 5 full days of instruction OR 5 days of virtual learning (virtual whether for a medical reason or families just not feeling safe going back to school). There will be a protocol for families who later wish to move from virtual to on-campus (more on that in the near future). We need your choice:

1. In-Person instruction utilizing social distancing

2. Distance Learning via a virtual platform

Please CLICK HERE to choose which platform you will be choosing for your child(ren). Please look for regular updates as we prepare for our safe return to school. Complete AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We will assume you are choosing in-person instruction for planning purposes should we not hear from you.

Thank you for your patience and support these times.

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What are the dates for the first trimester?

Trimester 1 runs from August 17th to November 6th.

The school calendar along with the July and August monthly calendar is posted to our website:

Can my student opt out and then back in later this trimester?

Can my student opt for in person instruction and then out later? Can they go back and forth?

You can opt out for the whole trimester and reassess for reentry at the start of the 2nd trimester.

You can opt in for in-person instruction and opt out later should your personal circumstances change. If you opt out during the trimester, you will opt out for the remainder of the trimester. You just need to let the office know.

As a general rule: students cannot go back and forth from in-person

to online back to in-person in a given trimester.

Please contact the office to discuss your particular situation.

Will distance learning model plan for more than one hour with teacher each day with my student?

Will my student zoom into class all day long?

Student would check into class at the start of the school day and be available for the normal school hours. It is not feasible to have teachers "zoom" for an hour a day in addition to teaching their scheduled classes. This would be unreasonable. It is also not feasible to ask a student to sit in front of a screen all day either.

We want students actively and authentically engaged. For each distance learning classroom, the teacher/parent/student will determine what this might look like depending upon student needs. This meeting will offer key information to pick up student supplies and answer any questions prior to the start of school.

What are the fees associated Distance Learning?

Schools fees were provided at registration. They have not and will not change or increase due to choice of distance learning. Click here for the tuition schedule provided at registration.

If the whole school must go to Distance Learning for an extended period, what will that look like?

There will be strict norms and guidelines in place for best practices in Distance Learning. The beginning of a school is much different than the end of a school; thus, Distance Learning will look different than last Spring. If and when we get to this point, we will share details as we continue to fine tune.

What do classrooms look like?

Desks are currently 6' feet a part in all directions in all classrooms per social distance guidelines. An average classroom contains 17 student desks. Every space on campus will be utilized as a classroom. There are other spaces that can accommodate more or less.

We will make final assignments with your feedback from the form. Class assignments will be provided on the first day of school.

What does "Robust Cleaning" look like?

Cleanliness is a critical component to the effectiveness of our plan. We have always had an outside agency and continue to utilize for cleaning and sanitizing all classrooms and work areas at the end of the day. In addition to our current staff, we will be adding a “Day Porter” to address high contact points, such as the classroom sinks, door handles, bathrooms, nurse’s stations, playgrounds, etc. throughout the school day. Thus, frequent sanitation of classrooms will occur throughout the school day using products recommended for use during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We will be adding Health and enhancing Hygiene lessons throughout the school year.

Students will be responsible for themselves: washing hands regularly, clean uniforms, several masks handy, clean up after themselves after lunch if old enough, wiping down desk if needed after an art project, etc.

What about Learning Support?

Learning Support will be accomplished in classroom only. Students may not travel and co-mingle throughout the day. We have reached out to Catapult for virtual sessions.

Viatorians "r" Us Facebook Page


Viatorians "R" Us is a closed, members only Facebook page consisting of school faculty and parents/guardians of currently enrolled students. Only those individuals who are accepted into the group by the administrators may see or post on this page. It is not visible to the general Facebook population.

Any information posted and shared on this site must be of a positive or congratulatory nature.

This includes:

  • Congratulating students or faculty on recent achievements or participation in various events, such as awards, sporting events, science fairs, chess club competitions, First Communion, graduation, and so forth.

  • Sharing information that other members might find interesting or useful, such as summer camps, dance classes, tutoring classes, etc.

  • Soliciting volunteers to help with certain projects and school events, such as the Halloween Carnival, Magazine Drive, Back to School Social, etc.

Viatorians R Us does not tolerate derogatory or negative comments of any sort. It is not a forum to air grievances or complain. Any questions for school faculty or administration should be emailed directly as these users do not regularly view or comment, particularly during the school day. Any comments along these lines may be removed by the administrator and those members who have engaged in that sort of discussion will be deleted from the group.