The Beluga Whale-A KING of the SEA!

by Akshadha 5B

The Beluga

The Beluga, a whale with many expertise hunts many animals from-the Arctic cod fish all the way to many more!! Living in the ocean , the beluga whale hunts, eats and lives its way!!!

Today, you will learn all about the Beluga whale's ecosystem and also why not to hunt them. These innocent creatures should NOT be hunted. At this time the some of the predators include.. killer whales and polar bears.

Join me as we learn about the wonderful Whale!!


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Facts about its ecosystem and Biotic and Abiotic factors...

The biotic (living)things in the Beluga whale's life include...

crestations, worms, fish, these are some of the thing that the whale loves to eat!!! And the beluga's predator the, polar bear, of course.As seen, the whale eats many things. One of the abiotic factors (non-living)of the whale is.. OCEAN WATER. The ecosystem of the whale or where it lives is, SALT water,it's ecosystem is nice and fits it's life and does not harm the whale in the Arctic Ocean.

Over/Under Population of Beluga Whales

If it were to be true about over population of the whale, many of the other species that the Belugas feed on could die easily of over hunting, such as...the Arctic cod fish and crestations. Also, if there are too little beluga whales many polar bears (predator of beluga) could also pass out of starvation.
Animals of the Ice: Beluga Whales
In this video you will learn a lot more about the beluga whale. These extra facts will give you an idea about their lifestyle.Hope you enjoy!!! Stay tuned!!

Hunting Beluga Whales

Join Me!!

Let's say no to hunting these animals, so far they have done nothing wrong so, who's with me?! Hope you encourage many people to learn about these magnificent creatures. With an estimated population of only 80,000 whales let's save what we have!! Also as you might have heard, if the Beluga whale dies it damages the full food chain or food web and then the enviorment could become chaos. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you learned something today.

Fun Facts

  1. They can live up to 25-30 years.
  2. They are the smallest of all whales!!
  3. They are 13-20 feet long, and can look like a dolphin.
  4. The whale can weigh from, 2,000-3,000 pounds.
  5. Their huge forehead is called a melon!!!