Helpful Tools

Things I've found useful around the cloud

Tried and Tested

There are so many tools out there to assist you with anything from arranging meetings to drawing flowcharts. Here are some that I've tested and would recommend!

And there's more...

These are only a few of the solutions available out there! Are there any tools you just couldn't live without? Why not share them with me in the comments box below?

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah founded SMVA to provide business support services to small and growing businesses. She has taken her experience of managing a team providing administrative support within a large organisation and built a catalogue of services to cater for the needs of businesses owners. With a wide range of experiences on a variety of projects, Sarah can provide a tailored support package designed to meet the needs of you and your business.

In her spare time, Sarah is an active member of the fundraising committee for the local Scout Group and has recently taken on the role of Treasurer. She also finds time to cross-stitch and bake for family and friends.