Jessie Fauset

The Harlem Renaissance

Basic Facts

Jessie Fauset was born April 27, 1882 in Camden County, New Jersey, & died April 30, 1961 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was the seventh child born to Redmon Fauset, an African Methodist Episcopal minister, and Annie Seamon Fauset.

She contributed articles, poems, stories, & books. Some of the poems that she wrote were "Oblivion" & "Dead Fires". One book that she wrote was "The Harlem Renaissance: A History & An Anthology".

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Major Contributions

Jessie's writing focused on African American Culture &Economic struggles during that period. She brought the work of young Artists to public attention during the Harlem Renaissance. She was a woman that helped change the essence of African American literature during the Harlem Renaissance.
Jessie Redmon Fauset and Dorothy West


If she was not born than all the young artists that got public attention with her help would have never been recognized. I am affected by her because she inspired me with her quote

“Being colored in America at any rate means: Facing the ordinary difficulties of life, getting education, work, in fine getting a living plus fighting everyday against some inhibition of natural liberties", This quote shows how difficult it was back then for African Americans to live a normal life like any other person.

—Jessie Fauset
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