Tech. TidByte

January 2021

From Melissa Williams-Scott, Ed. D.

Everyone not only survived but shined during the first semester of this year. You may not feel that way, but we have seen it. We have had the opportunity to see that sparkle in your eyes when you implement a new technology tool within instruction, the shine when your students show excitement during the lessons you have prepared, and the incredible conversations as you have collaborated with your peers. Yes…We have enjoyed feeling that Back in the Classroom feeling and are thankful for your patience as you have worked through so many hurdles. We are looking forward to what you do next.

Beware of Email from SFISD.ORG

If you receive or have received an email from anyone in (Santa Fe’s email domain), please shut your computer down immediately and call the Help Desk at x6028.

We are blocking all email communication from SFISD for the remainder of the week, until a SPAM situation is addressed on their end.

Adobe Creative Cloud Help

For those of you with new Adobe accounts and software, these guides may help. Thanks to our Help Desk Specialist, Stacey Sciba, for helping to put these useful guides together for us!

Passwords to Expire Around Valentine's Day

Our staff passwords now expire every 90 days, so if you reset yours back on November 17th when a reset was forced, expect to have to reset yours in the middle of February. We will remind you of this Happy Valentine as we get closer.


For the most immediate help possible, here are some suggestions to get your issue routed to the right person as quickly as possible.

  1. Enter a Work Order through Eduphoria Help Desk, if possible. Obviously, if your computer is not working, there are two other options.
  2. Email the Technology Help Desk at
  3. Call the Help Desk at x6028 from in District or 281-229-6028 if out of district

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