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July 31, 2020 LWE Newsletter

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Principal's Letter

Hello Gator Families,

I cannot believe that it is the last day of July! Teachers and staff will be returning to work on Monday. The next two weeks will be busy for teachers preparing for a school year that will be different than all of the ones before!

I am attaching our K-5 Universal Remote Learning schedule at the bottom of this newsletter. When reviewing the schedule, please keep in mind that students will not be required to be in front of the computer for the entire school day. In the schedule where it indicates "Instructional Block" your child will be logging on to MS Teams (through Classlink) to listen to a mini-lesson and discussion for about 10-20 minutes (for each subject). There may be some guided practice as well as small group work to follow the lesson as well. There will be times when the teacher will ask students to complete an assignment offline following the mini-lesson.

Each family will receive a communication prior to school starting with their child's specific schedule (showing times for ELA, Math, SS/Science and Special Areas). The schedule attached to this newsletter is just an overview schedule to give families an idea of when online instruction and independent work will be taking place for each grade level. Due to our school being departmentalized in first through fifth grades and having three continuous achievement levels for ELA and Math, it is necessary to communicate schedules individually to families.

As previously communicated, the plan is to ensure all 2nd-5th graders who need a device get one (distribution will be delayed for 2nd grade). If your child has a device to use already, you are not required to pick-up one from FCS. We will host device distribution at LWE the second week of August. We have not finished working out the logistics. I will communicate more information once we are ready to share.

At this time, we are not planning to distribute devices to Pre-Kindergarten thru First Grade students. Students in these grades will have the option of online teacher led instruction, if there is a device at home the student has access to. If the student in Pre-K thru First Grade doesn't have a device to access live instruction or the parent prefers it, work packets will be provided which focus on the learning targets being addressed by those particular grade levels. Teachers will check-in weekly with students completing work packets to answer questions and offer assistance.

I truly understand that remote learning is not the best way to learn for most of our students. Most children thrive in the school environment surrounded by the support of their teachers and classmates. However, during this time that we aren't able to be physically together, LWE teachers and staff will do our best to give our students what they need to master the curriculum for their particular grade level. While it won't be perfect, it definitely can be done! Our slogan this year is "We can do hard things!"

Kind regards,

Julie Morris

Virtual Sneak Peek

On August 14th, teachers will host a virtual sneak peek. You will receive an email with a link which will allow you to join your child's sneak peek. Teachers will be scheduling these in small groups to allow time to meet each child and answer questions.

Thank You 2019-20 Fifth Grade Class!

It is a tradition at LWE that each "graduating" fifth grade class raises money to leave a legacy gift at LWE. The class of fifth graders which graduated in May raised funds to get our marquee on Jones Bridge Rd an updated look. Thank you students and parents! I love the way it turned out!
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School Supplies

It may be best to hold off on purchasing your child's school supplies if you haven’t bought them already. We will not need all supplies on the list (which is posted on our website) during the Universal Remote Learning time. Once teachers return on August 3rd, we will work to modify the school supply list to indicate needed supplies for the remote learning setting.

Free & Reduced Lunch

Families may qualify for free or reduced-price school breakfast & lunch. If you have not already completed a Free and Reduced application, or if your income has decreased for any reason since you last applied or if your household size has increased, please take this opportunity to complete the application via the link provided. A new application must be filled out every year. Only one application is needed per household.

Apply online at:

It’s easy & takes only minutes to complete!
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Infinite Campus Sign-up

Parents, please make sure you are signed up for Infinite Campus! We currently have 90% of our families signed up. If you need to be activated in the system, enter your email address on the link below to receive parent portal activation information.

Leaving LWE??

Please let us know if your child will not return to LWE in August. Simply complete the ‘Withdrawal Request Form’ and email it to Janet Adams at

**The form is attached at the bottom of this newsletter.**

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