POHW before poster

BY Ryan

1. Hollis outlook on life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely. pg.1

2. She lived with Josie.

In the beginning she lived with Josie. pg.7

3. When Hollis chews on Izzys hard candy

Hollis loves the hard candy because it is from Izzy. pg.68
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4. Hollis does not trust people.

In the beginning Hollis does not trust people because she was abandoned. pg. Back of the book.

5. In the beginning Stephen is hurt.

Stephen got hurt in the beginning of the book. pg.134

6. In the beginning Hollis wishes for a family.

The Wishing picture was of a family . pg.1

7. In the beginning Hollis did not have a tree figure.

In the end Josie finished the tree figure of Hollis. PAGE 10

Josie said "But first you must stay before I carve it.