Tips for Navigating our Website

West Hartford Public Schools

We are excited to launch redesigned websites for all of West Hartford Public Schools! We’ve worked hard to make the content more accessible and highlight what makes our schools exceptional!

In a nutshell:

  • Visually sophisticated design, rich with video and photography of WHPS
  • Updated content
  • Accessible
  • Mobile friendly

Across the Top

Big picture

Wait, my top banner sometimes looks different!

Our webpages are responsive, meaning our site is optimized for all devices. Whether you a visiting from a phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, you will have the same great experience, no matter your screen size. On smaller screens, some of the top menu buttons shift and are available when you click Menu. If you are on a desktop, try adjusting the width of the browser and you'll see the content dynamically adjust. The webpage also displays differently based on the browser's Zoom setting.

For example, the top blue menu bar looks differently on a smartphone or tablet:

The screen shots below are from a desktop display. Based on the device you're currently using, these buttons may appear under menu for you.

Top left logo

If you are on a District page and click on the WHPS logo, it will take you to the WHPS homepage. If you are on a school page and click the school logo, it will take you to that school's homepage.


Select another language and all of the text will automatically translate! Voila!

Student/Parent Quick Links

Quickly link to frequently visited pages and resources. Each school has a unique list.

Staff Quick Links

Remember on the old site when you used to click to the 'Faculty/Staff Portal' to navigate to the programs like Powerschool, Aimsweb, and Protraxx? On our new site, these staff quicklinks get WHPS staff to the pages and resources they need. This list is the same on all WHPS sites.


This is where you'll find lots of good stuff, organized based on Google analytics and patterns in user behavior. The magnifying class icon in the top of the drop-down menu lets you know that you can search by keyword. Go to your chosen area's landing page or click on a subpage to load deeper-level content. Our goal is to help you access more content with fewer clicks!


In the mobile menu, use the + and - to the right of the page titles to help you navigate to your page without having to load all of the extra pages to get there!


Our homepages are designed to highlight each location's unique character, look, feel, and culture. Looping videos, photography, slideshows of important headlines, links to more news and calendars, and interactive elements should help you quickly engage with our sites!

Site Navigation

A page's web address - its URL - is automatically derived from its name. However, we've also given most pages custom URLs. So after try entering a keyword. It will likely redirect you to exactly where you want to go. This makes for a more friendly url if you need to provide a link in print (paper newsletter, flyer, etc). For example, the following 2 urls go to the same great place, but the 2nd one is shorter:

Contact us if you have an idea for a custom redirect url that should be created to help visitors access a particular page!

Questions, concerns, or changes to website content can be sent to