Slavery in the 1800s

Week 9 Activity

Union Speech

The factory system was a system of manufacturing where young women worked under one roof spinning thread and weaving cloth. New technology also had a far-reaching impact on American farms and homes. New farming technology included improvements to the plow and the development of the mechanical reaper. Labor leaders held a national convention in 1834 and founded the National Trade Union, which sought work reforms such as a shorter workday. Labor unions used many methods to press for reforms. One tactic was the strike.

The Navists

Feared the growing political power of the Roman Catholic Irish.The Irish are politically corrupt and socially inferior.Caused slum conditions that were actually rooted in joblessness and low wages. Anti-Catholic riots occured

The Immigrants

Came for political or religious resons. Most came in search of economic opportunity. Many German immigrants became bakers, brewers, butchers, cabinetmakers, cigar makers, machinists, or tailors. Frenchmen Alexix de Tocqueville wrote, "No power on earth can shut out the immigrants from that fertile wilderness which offers resources to all industry and a refuge from all want"