Army in Sparta

Ages of army

  • 7 boys leave family for barracks
  • 20 join regular army
  • 30 may leave the barracks (still in army)
  • 60 may, retire, still train for comback
  • Expected to die in battle rather then surrender.
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During the 5th century B.C. sparta was very powerful. This was due to her army, which was feared by other Greeks. sparta focused on producing good soldiers and all spartan male citizens were part of the army. The spartan army played an important role in the greek victory over the persians in 480-479 B.C.
When you are in barracks they expected to win on the battlefield or die, but never surrender. One Spartan mother ordered her son to "come home carrying your shield or being carried on it."
A meal that they ate in barracks was a vile-tasting dish called black broth---pork boiled in animal blood, salt, and vinegar.