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Minarets Volleyball Season in Full Swing

The Volleyball teams have been playing games two times a week at least, for the last three weeks.

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Ready Set Go: Cross Country

This year Minarets starts the cross country season off with a new coach.

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MHS v. YHS Football Game

The Mustangs played the Yosemite Badgers on Friday, Sept. 6. YHS is the rival of the Minarets Mustangs, making the game highly anticipated by both high schools.

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Field Trip Takes Dramatic Turn

To go or not to go? That was the question posed for Minarets drama students when the annual trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival was announced near the end of last school year.

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Its a Bird, Its a Plane, Its the Glissaders at 10,500 ft!

On Friday, Aug. 30, the Glissaders embarked on their journey to the Jackass Lake trailhead. The hike began early in the morning light and roughly three miles up the mountain, the group made it to the lake.

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Changes to NHS

The National Honor Society had been at Minarets since 2017, but there are some new changes coming this year.

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DnD Returns to Minarets

Dungeons and Dragons Club is back and students can’t wait to start campaigns! In fact, the club has doubled in size since it first started and there are now two separate campaigns that alternate weeks.

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Minarets FFA at Madera Fair

Minarets FFA competed in Madera Fair last week up at the Madera Fairgrounds. It was a busy week and they all continually shown great showmanship throughout their time at the fair.

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Traveling the World With Minarets Abroad

Minarets is a community based around professionalism and that includes outside of the classroom as well. The Minarets Abroad program is Minarets' way of allowing students to have the opportunity to explore the world by traveling to different countries, learning about their cultures, historical events, and seeing different sites!

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Student Life

Amazon Fires. They're Still Going On.

Hurricane Dorian has taken the stage in the media pushing the Amazon fires to the side. However, the fires have continued for the last six weeks, destroying the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and other surrounding areas.

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Jeremiah Stott: Eagle Scout

After six years of hard work, junior Jeremiah Stott received the Eagle Scout Award on Sept. 8, 2019

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Honoring Sept. 11 at Minarets

Every year, Minarets holds a ceremony to raise the new flag for the year as a symbol for our country and the bravery of the people before us who did everything to allow freedom for America.

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Derby Week is Next Week!

Be sure to dress up:

Monday - Multimedia

Tuesday - Teacher

Wednesday - Out of this World

Thursday - Throwback

Friday - Spirit

Minarets Remembers Sept. 11

Nearly everyone who was older than 4 when 9/11 happened remembers where they were, and what they were doing. Nearly everybody has a story.

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Minarets High School Remembers 9/11/01

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