Copyright and Fair Use

Make sure you know the difference!

What are copyright and fair use?

Copyright is a legal procedure that gives people rights and protection to their creations such as writing, art, music, etc. and makes the owner the only person who can distribute, copy, and sell that piece of work. Fair use is a legal device that allows people to be able to use copyrighted material, within reason, without specified permission from the owner, provided that they give credit to the owner, or otherwise admit that they do not own any of the copyrighted material.

Online images

There are websites such as Freerange, Stockvault, and FreeDigitalPhotos provide images that are copyright free so that anyone can use them. Some ways to determine if an image has been copyrighted is to look for a watermark, a note indicating ownership, and/or an official copyright listing. To be safe, treat any image that you did not create yourself as copyrighted, and make sure to properly cite it so that you can avoid legal repercussions.