Urban Education 2.0 Flipped

October 7, 2015

The Flip that Counts

In order to increase collaboration and focused conversation around the transformative use of technology, we are engaging in blended learning to help dive more deeply into the content of the technology deployment and the professional development plan to support technology integration in AISD.

Your assignment is to read through this smore, make personal choices about how to engage with the content, and then answer some guiding questions that will drive the conversation on October 7th.

The Deployment: The Nuts and Bolts/What to Know!

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Read the following for details about the DEPLOYMENT

Transformative Technology Professional Development to Accompany the Technology Deployment

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Personalized and Proficiency Based Professional Development

To implement the transformative use of technology, Austin ISD is launching a plan for personalized and proficiency-based Professional Development for campus and district staff.

This approach relies on a shift in thinking about professional learning that is well underway in AISD. We know that good PD is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. That the best PD is not top down but collaborative; personalized not “one size fits all.” To help actualize a personalized proficiency-based model for Professional Development, we must provide opportunities for staff to acquire foundational knowledge and also ensure that teachers and PD providers achieve proficiency.

Integration Accelerators

The Technology Innovation Design Team is proposing a focus on a set of “Integration Accelerators” - categories of skills teachers will master as they truly transform teaching and learning with technology. Professional learning around these Integration Accelerators will include the development of models and examples to answer the question, “But what does it look like?” and solidify the practical understanding of new strategies or practices to support application in the classroom. We know that the the best learning happens when teachers design, prototype, and iterate in their classrooms. To ensure access to just in time support, a curated inventory of resources aligned to the Integration Accelerators - including articles, lessons, online courses, and videos is being developed for staff to facilitate "just in time" support.
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Setting the Foundation

Educator Quality's eLearning Summit

To support the acquisition of foundational knowledge around transformative technology, PD providers have already launched introductory workshops designed to support AISD staff to implement transformative technology. October 2nd marked Educator Quality’s first annual eLearning Summit dedicated to building common vocabulary and expectations about transformative technology use in all professional development offerings, regardless of content.

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Building Our Capacity

Currently, we are seeking one instructional leader from every campus; a classroom teacher who demonstrates not only technological proficiency, but passion about teaching and learning in the digital age, to serve as the Campus Innovation Coach. With this honor and responsibility comes a stipend to help offset the time commitment and work to help build the innovative culture on each of our Austin ISD campuses. The Campus Innovation Coaches will attend a kickoff in January to launch their new role, and dedicate monthly afterschool time to deepen their understanding about the Integration Accelerators and help design the appropriate pathway of learning for their home campuses with the support of district personnel.

To ensure proficiency, professional development opportunities will include substantive time for lesson design and prototyping. To situate teachers as designers, this plan encourages teachers to reflect on their design process and share successes and failures. Coaching and feedback in combination with teacher collaboration will provide the ongoing support needed to truly implement the transformative use of technology in AISD.

Innovation Summits!

In addition to the personalized, proficiency based professional development; plan to attend the upcoming Innovation Summits throughout this school year. The first Summit is scheduled for Saturday November 14th 1:00-4:00pm at the Performing Arts Center. Everyone is welcome! These are perfect opportunities to continue deep conversations around the changing nature of technology in the classroom, and the collective leadership of teachers and administrators required to make it work.

Mark your Calendars for NOVEMBER 14th, 1:00-4:00 pm at the AISD Performing Arts Center

Keynote: Will Richardson

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Learning Your Way

Choose from one of the following resources (linked below):

1. A blog Post

2. A video

Use the information you glean, the information shared above, and your own expertise to complete the final assignment.

Read the following blog, School Leaders: Guiding Teachers into the Digital Age by Anne O’Brien


Watch the following video on Digital Leadership by Eric Scheninger

Eric Sheninger - Digital Leadership
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