By: Sevarakhon Ubaydullaeva

Adeline's life through words.

"Please believe that one single positive dream is more important than a thousand negative realities." Perseverance can be defined in many words. Like the continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties and failures. For Adeline Yen Mah it is defined only in 4 words, " I can do this!" Adeline was considered bad luck because her mother died giving birth to her. They made her feel unwanted all through her childhood, but still she had an ultimate triumph over the despair. Adeline's life did not get any better after her father got remarried. All her family members had a negative convictions about her, except for her Aunt Baba and her grandfather Ye Ye. Her grandfather knew she was going to be different than her siblings. Ye Ye knew their was something special about Adeline. Although she earned many awards through her years in school they never appreciated her hard work. They always thought of her as petty, but that did not stop her from venturing on and keep dreaming that one day she will escape their inconsideration of opinions about her.

Her family made her feel inadequate because she caused her mother's death.

"But then Mama died giving birth to you. If you had not been born, mama would still be alive. She died because of you. You are bad luck." These were the words that always tour Adeline Yen Mah. Since she was born Adeline always was the one to blame for her mother's death. She was always discriminated and was always considered as Bad Luck. They always accused her for the rest of her childhood and never really forgave her. As she grew older she figured out that they would never will forgive her. What she caused was unbearable and un fixable. The effect was much worse, they made her feel like an unwanted daughter and especially an unwanted family member. Though she always yearned for their love and trust, she never succeeded because of what she caused. Adeline suffered great misery from her parents and siblings. " Only" if she thought " If my mother was still alive, there would be no hatred from my siblings." All her life her family made her feel inadequate because she was the cause of their mother's death.

Adeline's life through adversity.

On November 30, 1937 in Tianjin, China was born.She received the name Adeline yen Jung-Ling.But suddenly Adeline's mother dies sometime in December,1937.Shortly after the great loss,her father remarries to Niang. She.She is not profound by her step children,especially Adeline. Soon after Adeline's parent's wedding her father,stepmother, and her half-brother disappear in the year 1942. But shortly after a year in April, 1943, her precious grandmother dies. Adeline's grandmother was the most important thing in her life after her Aunt Baba. She would put Niang in her spot of not being so rude, but now that she is gone Niang took control of the family.Her grandmother died from a massive stroke in her room. The next day they held a grand funeral in tradition of Buddhism. 6 weeks later Adeline's grandfather takes 4 of the children to an outgoing. To their surprise they see their father and they are escorted to live in Shanghai. After, that she is enrolled into a new school named Sacred Heart. While attending Sacred Heart she becomes friends with Wu Chun-mei. In October Ye Ye, Third brother, Aunt Baba, and little sister arrive in Shanghai. In 1948 her big sister is married off and she betrayals Aunt Baba. In the same year her father and Niang take her to Tianjin, there she is dropped off at St. Joseph's. After a year Adeline is sent off to another boarding school named Sacred Heart School and Orphanage, because her parents did not want to deal with her any more. In the summer of 1951 after 2 years Adeline enters a play writing competition to make her whole family proud especially Ye Ye. After, a year has passed she gets exciting news that she has won the play writing competition. Adeline then goes back home and proves to her father that she is worth something after all and that she wants to attend college in England like her 3 older brothers. Her father gives permission to go and he is finally proud of her for bringing honor not only for the family but to Hong Kong it self.

Misfortune or Hardship, No problem!

"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted are the greatest poverty." Adeline's life was much different than a normal child's life. She is treated differently because the problem was that she was the one to cause her mothers death. So every one in her family hated her guts. The only people who really like and care about her are her Aunt Baba and her grandfather Ye Ye. The question is that it could have happened to any of her siblings, but since she is the one who caused it no one will like her. Although, she tries to earn their respect, love and trust she does not succeeds. Though she never gave up, she kept trying and trying no matter what any of them said. Then she entered a play writing competition for her Ye Ye (grandfather). Then after a year or so she received a letter saying that she won the competition not only for her age but for the whole city of Hong Kong. When she told the news to her father, he was very proud of her for bringing honor to their family. That was it, that was the end for the hatred that she received, it stopped because she won something and brought a lot of honer to her family. Then her father let her go to the university of Oxford to study to become a doctor. Though that was not what she wanted to study, but at least she would get to leave all the hatred and go to England.