Dictated by Carolyn Weber


Aprus is a authoritarian dictatorship where the dictator does not control every aspect of the peoples lives but only the government. Being that this country is a dictatorship some degrees of freedom are revoked. I choose whats goes on in the government and the final my people have no control. Although I control the government I am open to suggestions. I will host meeting the first and last Tuesday of every month to discuss problems in the community and possible changes and solutions to them.


Population-322,210 citizens

As part of an earlier agreement with the U.S.A we decided to ally with the same people they do. This helps to ensure our safety and prevent wars. Even though we do have many strong allies we also have a strong enemy, that being Russia. Our economy would be a mixed economy. Being that Aprus is one big island our natural resources are limited, our biggest resource wood be the sandal wood trees and also sand. Language in our country has a bit of a mix to to it, between Italian and English they about evenly divided. This originally came to be as many Americans first came to the island, but Italy being the next country over many of them came to, creating the language mix. Our political parties here are mixed. Being as Italy is democratic and the Americans where both republican and democratic. even though we have both parties I am leaning my country more towards the republican party. We are a country of free religion so we have many to choose from. As Aprus is a fairly new country the employment probably isn't as high as it should be. Many are still trying to find stable jobs to stick to. While this seems to be a problem my country had a three month policy that if you can hold a job or find a job a government job will be appointed to you. There is no such thing as welfare, everybody is required to work for there money. But even though employment is low now it will continue to grow as the cities do. Aprus had two main cities, One being Dixie and the capital city being Mauve. Geographically the island is almost two big cities and the beaches,

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Aprus is located off of Italy. It is a small island directly above Sardinia (as seen on the map above).

It also lies between the Ligurian Sea and Tyrrhenian Sea.

Aprus becoming a country!!

Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 12pm

capri, Aprus

Dictator Carolyn Weber officially announces the coming to be of her new country Aprus! everybody is invited. all you need to bring is your citizen ship to the new country.