San Antonio TX

Amanda Vasquez

The City

The amazing San Antonio TX city is so incrediable and has history , land marks , a city NBA team , and a beautiful downtown River.

The battle of the Alamo

In the city of history the most popular attraction , is the battle of the Alamo. The Alamo is one the most amazing battle in San Antonio . It's like only yesterday hearing gun shots and cannons . They say that the Alamo building is still standing in downtown and always.

The Spurs Basketball team

You can always go to the AT&T center to see the spurs basketball team.They have won four champion ship trophies, and always work together as a family and try hard to win the next champion ship game.

The Tower of America

One of the most interesting landmarks in San Antonio is The Tower of America.The most beautiful tower i'v ever seen .It's super tall , and also has three floors the main floor , the view , and last the restarant

The RiverWalk

Finally, the wounderful downtown RiverWalk.A unique and one of a kind water stream is so nice to see , and extremly amazing in San Antonio.It's all so beautiful with how big it is. Somepeople can go on a boat down the RiverWalk to enjoy the water.


Therefore the San Antonio city is filled with amazing sightings and beautiful stuff to see around the city .This welcoming town and is super friendly people that are so nice .Try coming to San Antonio you will be surprised.