MLC Weekly News and Notes

March 13-17

Hello, MLC community! Thanks for getting your student(s) here on this EARLY Monday! Daylight savings time is always quite a transition for all of us, but I do look forward to its positive which is the extra sunshine we are bound to get soon!

Please make sure to read throughout the newsletter for some some important updates regarding drills, safety and electives.

We are also revving up for some exciting field trips and a middle school dance!

TWO more weeks until Spring Break! Let's make them good ones!


Suezann & Darren



3/13 Monday

3/14 Tuesday - SAGA Lunch Group with Erewyn

Hunter's Lunch Group with Ned

3/15 Wednesday - Kinder Field Trip to Faubion for Oregon Symphony concert (am)

Students of Color Lunch Group with Hakim & Tony

3/16 Thursday - MLC tour with Benner 3:30

3/17 Friday - St. Patrick's Day


3/22 Wednesday - SAT for HS

3/23 Thursday - Black History Celebration Assembly (rescheduled)

6th-8th Grade Dance! 6:00-8:00 pm in the auditorium


Hoyt Street Pick Up Safety Reminder

Those choosing to use Hoyt Street for pick up:

Please help us in ensuring the Hoyt Street pick up area is safe and efficient. Our AP, Darren, will start being stationed on Hoyt for pick up and to help direct traffic. Another staff member will help to direct 6-8 students to move more directly to their cars after school. Please also have this chat with you student at home.

Cars waiting for students should not block both ways of traffic. Our students are very dangerously having to try to cross the street to their rides due to cars stopping in the middle of the street. Please make sure to pull over to the side when waiting for you student. Once you have your student, please make sure to least the area so more cars can pull up for their child.

Thanks for your help in ensuring student safety.

Spring Elective Leaders Needed!

Hello, Marvelous MLC Community.

I’m sending out the official call for elective class offerings from you – again – and anyone in your circles that you can bring our way.

Please use this Google Form to communicate your choices with me. It includes more details about the program and ideas if you aren’t quite sure what to teach.

Spring Term Electives: April 4th – May 25th (1x3 and 4x6 will NOT have electives the week of April 10th, due to conferences and field trips)

Not ready to teach on your own? Sign-up with a friend to co-teach or let me know you’d like to get your feet wet by working alongside an MLC staff member. Once you see how much fun it can be, I know you’ll be hooked and come back for more!

PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR CHOICES BY MONDAY, MARCH 13th, but the sooner the better!

Many, many thanks,

Dana Lipson

MLC Electives Coordinator

(she/her pronouns)

Lock Down Drill 3/21

MLC will be participating in a Lockdown drill on Tuesday 3/21 at 1:30 pm.

Lockdown actions are initiated whenever there is an active threat against the safety of our school. This action includes “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” and works to create a time barrier until our first responders can arrive at the scene. Lockdown emergency actions save lives, and conducting such drills helps to better prepare our staff and students if a threatening situation were ever to occur at our school.

We understand that these types of active threat drills can cause some anxiety for students and staff. Please know that our staff are working to connect with students in advance of the drill in an age appropriate way to help ease any anxiety and better support students who may be negatively impacted.

As a parent/caregiver, we wanted to share some additional resources that could help in connecting with your child(ren) in advance of this drill:

We do not expect this drill to disrupt the school day, and your child(ren). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office. You may also reach out to our district’s Emergency Management program through Security Services at 503-916-3000 to discuss any issues of emergency preparedness, drills, or security measures taken at PPS.

Student Spotlight!

Have you met high school student, TC? Not only is he is nice guy, but he is also a pretty good at basketball- just ask the younger students he plays with at lunch! TC has agreed to teach a basketball elective for our younger MLC students this spring!

TC, you rock!

Big picture

"Check Out" Susan and Tim!

Let's give a shout out to our MLC library/media center team! Tim and Susan have been rockin' it in the library this year! Susan is taking our 5th grade OBOB team to regionals this weekend! We are so lucky she has taken them under her wing and prepped them for this competition.

Tim is not only welcoming and energetic when you enter the library space - but he is also a master at riddles! Have you tried to solve one of Tim's weekly riddles? Test your skills by visiting the library!

Hooray Susan and Tim!

Big picture

Staff Wish List

Our hard working MLC staff is in need of a few wish list items. If you have any of these things to donate, we would sure appreciate your generosity! Feel free to reach out to the staff requester if you can help them out. Click HERE to verify DONE. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELP YOU HAVE ALREADY GIVEN! :)

4x6 Drama Elective in Need of a Few Items:

- PLASTIC (!) champagne flutes (8-12)

- PLASTIC or tin serving trays

- suit jackets (kids or adults)

- trench coat

- white button up shirts (preferably for kids)

- maid costume

- waiter accessories for 2 kids

- "fancy" accessories for party guests (costume jewelry, scarves, etc.)

Please label items so they can be returned to you after the show; they can be dropped off in the main office for Dana. The students would need to borrow them from now until March 16th. Many thanks!

Amanda - Sugarless Gum

Ned - Houseplants

Maggie - Fine point sharpies

Liz D - Fine point sharpies

Clement - Social Work Wishlist

MLC PTSA Weekly Digest

Greetings! There are so many exciting things going on.

PTSA Meetings

Tuesday, April 4, 2023 @ 6:30 PM

Tuesday, May 2, 2023 @ 6:30 PM - Election!

Come help decide how the PTSA will be run. You have a voice and we want to hear it.

Our next PTSA meeting is April 4th. It will be in the MLC Library and on Zoom, 6:30-8:00 pm. Free childcare and a pizza dinner will be provided. (Find the zoom link at

No membership is needed to attend. Would you like to vote?

Follow this link for PTSA Membership

Things in the Wings

Our PTSA parents are gathering wonderful speakers to come in and share different topics with us. Keep your eyes out for these upcoming talks.

The Auction is Happening!

Saturday, May 6th - a new date…

You can purchase tickets, register to bid, see our donors,

and get basic info on the auction at Come Together 2023.

Want to help? Email us at

If you know an awesome business that is interested in donating

to the auction you can use the online donation form linked here.

Upcoming School Dance - Chaperones Needed

With the MLC 6x8 dance coming up on March 23rd from 6-8pm

there is a need for chaperones. Have you passed the PPS Background Check?

To sign up to help click here.

Parking Fundraiser

Thank you to all the volunteers for the Timbers & Thorns Parking fundraiser.

Want to help with this very lucrative fundraiser?

More dates are available by signing up here.

Questions? Email the parent coordinators Tammy and Chenney.

Outdoor School

Can you help the 4x6 students go to Mt. Ranier for outdoor school? Any financial contribution is very much appreciated! You can donate with the link 4x6 Outdoor School.

Medical Updates

Antigen Rapid Tests available!

We received a shipment of iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Tests. We are encouraging families to keep kits at home for easy testing. You are welcome to stop by the office and grab some, or call us at 503-916-5737 and we will gladly send some home with your student.

Stay healthy.

Safety Updates and Reminders

NEW Fences

We have been awaiting our new fences since October. They are now up and ready to receive an MLC touch with banners and student art. The new fencing is NOT used to keep MLC students restricted to the black top. Gates allow easy access for our student to use the playground during recess, lunch and breaks while enhancing student safety.


Here is that process:

6th grade: Sign out on a clipboard in their homeroom classroom. (Maggie or Kathleen)

7th-12th: Sign out using phone or device with QR code located at the front doors or on paper sign out in the front office.

Students will not need to sign back in due to teachers taking attendance after lunch.


MLC has received several COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test kits. The kits are available in the main office.


Communications about inclement weather go out in a variety of ways, including text messages, robocalls, emails, and are posted on the PPS website. If you are a parent or guardian, a student, or a PPS staff member, you can opt in to receive texts by texting YES to 68453.


1st-8th students should not arrive to MLC before 8:15 a.m. At that time, students will need to wait outside until 8:25 unless they are eating breakfast. Breakfast students may enter the cafeteria at 8:15. Students may not enter the other areas of the school until 8:25 to start the school day at 8:30 a.m.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough staff to monitor all areas of the building and outdoors before those times. Teachers and staff are preparing for the day.

We want to make sure all students are safe and in designated areas where there is adequate supervision.

Kindergarten students will now be dropped off and picked up in the Kindergarten classroom!

Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe!

State Testing 30 Day Notice with Opt Out Form: December 6, 2022

PPS families,

As required by the Oregon Department of Education, we are providing you the 30 Day Notice and Opt Out Form. The notice is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian and Somali on the PPS Research, Assessment, and Accountability website.

Statewide testing is part of our balanced assessment system that offers all students, especially historically underserved students, opportunities to demonstrate their progress. Information provided by student assessments is critical in helping us determine district and school priorities for improving student learning.

If you have questions, please contact your school office.

Art is ALIVE at MLC!

Do you wonder what's going on in the Kx8 Art Room? Art teacher Ned and his students are posting their creations and flops on Instagram at bettys_atelier_mlc in honor of Betty Mather, one of MLC's original teacher/founders! Betty taught in room 106 for the first third of our school's history. Betty's space was the beating heart of the school where all children met and created.

Ongoing Resources

Parent Vue

School Pay - Set up your account today!

Attendance Line 503-916-3656