6th Grade Life Lessons

I, Paige Margreiter, want to help YOU through 6th grade.

Greetings, and welcome to 6th grade!

6th grade will be very memorable for you, no matter what, but you decide whether they will be good memories or memories you'd rather forget. You may be asking how. Well, follow the three Rs of course! Be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible. I know that may be easier said than done, but keep reading to find ways to make it WAY easier!

Be Ready

I'm sure you have heard of being "Ready" at school throughout Elementary, but what does it really mean? First, it means have your supplies. Not bringing something to class can get you behind the rest of the students and knock your grade down a quite a few points. How can you stop this from happening? Keep a planner with everything you need every week. This could be anything from a page of homework to a book! You have to make sure you have it all. Second, be ready to learn. Don't talk or get your head stuck in the clouds. You could miss something important, and that may lead to a strike.

What is a strike? The Strike System will be enforced throughout 6th and 7th grade. If you don't follow the three Rs, teachers can give you a strike. For example, not turning in a paper on time. That would be a strike for not being Responsible. If you get up to 7 strikes, it will lead to your teachers contacting your parents or guardians. If you get 10 or above, that will get you in a lot of trouble. My advice? Set a goal to get NO strikes. It has been helping me so far, and it might just help you, too.

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Be Respectful

Being Respectful can be quite tricky. Being Respectful means not speaking while others are, being kind, and following the rules. Running the halls is a sign of disrespect, because you know you are not supposed to, yet you do it anyway. Being rude and disrespectful is another opportunity to get a strike, and it can lead to you missing out on the most fun things that 6th grade has to offer. I mean sure, you might get caught talking once or twice, but after that everybody will start to lose their patience with you, and that will give you a bad reputation. So, at school, try to be on your best behavior, and do what you are supposed to do.
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Be Responsible

Responsibility is VERY important in Middle School. You are on your own getting to class, and the teachers don't just let you turn in a paper late. Lets start with the one thing I was really worried with when I first started 6th grade. The three minutes to get to each class. 180 seconds. It doesn't seem like that long. Especially if you are like me, and have two classes up the stairs. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to get to each class, but that is where your responsibility kicks in. If you don't waste your time talking and stopping in the hall, those 180 seconds are MORE than enough time to get to class. Responsibility also comes with your Chromebook. You can't leave it lying around, forget it somewhere, lose it, or put it in a place where it can get broken. Other than that, you must be responsible with what you use it for. If you are playing games while you are supposed to be typing a paper, you are nit being responsible. Chromebooks are a privilege, so don't waste your chance with them. Responsibility also comes with your work. If you don't turn in a paper, don;t do it, or lose it, you are not being responsible and that does not impress your teachers. I know you can do it, so prove it!
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Good Luck, and Goodbye!

I hope that this blog has helped answer some of your 6th grade questions. Trust me, I know going from Elementary School to Middle School is a big, scary step, but just remember to follow the three Rs and you will pass this year with flying colors. I have noe passed on all of my 6th grade wisdom, so good luck! (You won't need luck though, you'll do great this year!)
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