Ipads in the Classroom

7 Ways to Use Your iPad in the Classroom

As much controversy exists today about iPads and technology in the classroom, believe it or not, teachers will have to learn how to use iPads every day in their classroom and learn how to incorporate this new technology in the classroom. The website, http://www.edudemic.com/2013/04/7-ways-to-use-your-ipad-in-the-classroom/, provides readers with a great infograph that show 7 ways the iPad can be incorporated into the classroom, which includes:
  • Show (on the big screen)
  • Manage (the classroom)
  • Assess (student work)
  • Interact (with students)
  • Access (your files)
  • Make (instructional media)
  • Learn (new things)

Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education

Watch this Youtube video to learn about the top ways to incorporate technology in education. Using technology helps students learn more than just the content area given in the classroom!

Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: iPad, Tablet, Computer, Listening Centers
The website, http://www.inkids.com.au/2013/03/17-benefits-of-ipads-in-classrooms/, shows readers the many advantages of using iPads in the classroom. This website clearly lists how the iPad can be seen as a "versailte, powerful tool that is changing the face of education."

Here is the list of the 17 benefits the website gives:
  1. Saving money by combining books, diaries, writing implements, calculators, word processors, etc. all in one media tablet.
  2. Allowing students to take control of their own learning.
  3. The touch-screen interface allows students to engage more interactively with content.
  4. Education programs can be tailor made for each student.
  5. Wi-Fi and 3/4G connectivity allow for almost instantaneous and continuous access of information. The ability to quickly switch between applications makes it easier for students to switch between different modes of learning (i.e. research and creation).
  6. Mobile data collection is generally streamlined and easy.
  7. The iPad easily integrates with existing IT systems. With cloud-based computing, students have connectivity anywhere within the school grounds. There is no need for schools to continue to allocate large budgets for computer power that is no longer necessary.
  8. School districts have been creative in finding ways to save money using the iPad. From digital textbooks, to tests and to homework, there’s the potential to save huge amounts of money through paperless innovation.
  9. iPads are accessible to students with disabilities. Apps are available for children with cognitive learning problems and there are also accessibility tools built into the latest iOS such as Speak Auto-Text, White on Black, VoiceOver and Siri, a voice recognition technology.
  10. The iPad can easily be positioned for comfortable use on your desk or lap. Students can also purchase cases and stands which allow devices to be propped up at an appropriate viewing and typing angle.
  11. The iPad can also be paired with an external keyboard to ease and speed up typing.
  12. There is no delay to boot up iPads like there is with netbooks or laptops, and no time lost figuring out complex software applications.
  13. The iPad’s intuitive design and easy-to-use interface makes it simple for even young children to navigate, thereby optimizing the learning experience of all students.
  14. The App Store/iTunes Store offers a vast amount of free or low cost apps, many of which are excellent for the classroom.
  15. Its light weight and portability means it can easily be carried from class to class without having to close and reopen the screen. Data can be accessed while standing and notes can be taken on the go, thus extending learning far beyond the classroom.
  16. It has far less of a strain on children’s backs since one iPad replaces a bag full of books.
  17. Children are eager to embrace new technology and many are able to troubleshoot computer issues and resolve them quicker than adults.

5 Smart ways to use iPad technology in the Classroom

The blog, IT Solutions Blog points out in the article, 5 Smart ways to use iPad technology in the classroom, that a teacher can use iPad to: display teacher and student work, create instructional content, interact with students, personalize learning, and manage the classroom.

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My iPad 2 Education/School Apps

This YouTube video is very helpful for current or future teachers looking for apps that they can incorporate into their classroom when using iPads. It shows the many benefits of technology in the classroom!

My iPad 2 Education/School Apps (2011) [HD]

Interesting Graphic Featuring 30+ iPad Apps for Bloom's Taxonomy

Did you know how many apps can be used in the classroom that coincide with Bloom's Taxonomy? Check out the picture and website for ways to use it in your classroom!

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iPads in the English Classroom

Check out the YouTube video, iPads in the English Classroom, to find ways that you can improve your classroom with technology!

iPads in the English Classroom Intro

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