Bash, Bang, Boom!

By: Dominic Palermo

Dominic Palermo

Bash, Bang, Boom. by Dominic Palermo
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Bash, Bang, Boom.

There has always been,

Conflict between our kin,

That used to end with the bashing of heads.

Bash, Bang, Boom.

It was forever changed,

Once man learned to fight at range,

Ending lives with just a bang.

Bash, Bang, Boom.

Still not satisfied with the result,

Man sought out to improve their assault,

“Pretty mechanical toys” disposed of those who opposed.

Bash, Bang, Boom.

Peace did not come from these beasts.

An efficient murderer to say the least.

Immune to metal’s teeth and Death’s chasms.

Bash, Bang, Boom.

Because Somme halted 31,

More destruction was soon to come.

Why stop when you can improve the

Bash, Bang, Boom.

Before the end of time,

We must comprehend our crime!

Not the murders,

Not the destruction, but the

Bash, Bang, Boom.