Sydney to Wollongong


We raised over $4967 for MS and we all made it! Just....

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored and supported me and the fellow members of #TeamFixie in the Gong ride.

We had a great day and although some of us found it harder than others, we all managed to make the distance on the day! It was an awesome sight to see the fixies beating some of the geared bikes up the hills, especially in #chinos and #hipster shirts.

I have included some shots below to paint a picture of the hardships, vistas, quality moments and achievements along the way.

The day looked promising and spirits were high!

There was plenty of #lycra at the start line.... but not for #Teamfixie - Chinos were more our style!

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It was smooth for 23km.... then tragedy struck as my bike fell apart. #crackedcrank

Meanwhile #Teamfixie flew towards Wollongong and finished the ride... in record time.

But... with some googling and a 3km walk back to Taren Point I was soon back in business!

My repairs put me 2 hours behind so I was still out finishing the course... Can't let #Teamfixie down and all of our loyal supporters! Must push on....

After finally catching back up to the event I reach Stanwell Park! The view gives me the motivation to continue and I push on for the remaining 40km.... The team however has already reached the watering hole!

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Finally feeling extremely #lactic and a tad #sweaty I reach the finish line! All the training pays off!

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Thanks to everyone who made our #Fixiedream to ride to Wollongong possible and for helping such a great cause.... Let the training begin for 2014!