Wiz Khalifa

Yash Khanna


Wiz Khalifa was born in september 8, 1987. He’s Wiz Khalifa was born in Minot, North Dakota, to two military parents. His parents were divorced when he was three. He had to moved a lot because his parents were in the military. But he spent most of his childhood in Pittsburgh.

He released his debut album ‘Prince of the City’ in 2005. The next release was ‘Star of Power’ and ‘Flight school’ in 2009 He also released ‘Deal or no Deal’.The next mixtape was ‘Kush and Orange juice’ April 2010. He has released many albums since then but his most recent hit “see you again” was from the Furious 7 soundtrack in March, 2015.

Best Known For...

His most famous song releases are: See you again, We dem boyz, Go hard or go home, and shell shocked.


2011 BET Best New Artist

2012 Billboard Top New Artist

2015 Teen Choice for R&B/Hip Hop

2015 Teen CHoice for Collaborative

2015 Teen Choice for Song from a Movie