Traveling to Saudi Arabia

Come join the fun and travel to Saudi Arabia!

Airport Departures

To go from Frankfort, IN to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia it cost around $4,000- $6,000. You would travel with United Lufthansa. During the trip, it will take 17hours and 7 minutes. On the way there will be 2 stops. Let me just say, it's worth it!

Religion and Basic Beliefs

Before you come and visit, you may need to know a few things. Like, Saudi Arabia's religion is mostly Islam. 90% of people that live in Saudi Arabia are Muslim. They believe to follow the Five Pillars and believe Allah is their God. That means on the way, you'll notice people will stop out of no where and start to pray. They do this 5 times a day. Don't worry this is one out of the five pillars that they do. The others are, make a statement of faith, fast during the month of Ramadan, give to the poor and needy, & make an appearance during the month of the Hajj.

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How They Dress

Religious Clothing

You will have to change how you dress, just to fit in of course! Most of the woman wear Hijab. They wear a headdress and everything should be covered except their face and hands. They believe not to wear anything tight or see through. Woman are allowed to wear gold and silk but aren't suppose to wear jewelry or makeup, also no perfume is allowed. As for the men, men aren't suppose to wear anything see through or tight as well. Most wear clothing from their belly button to their knees. They were clothes very similar to the woman.

Foods & Things to Avoid

Before you eat, a lot of times you will recite the name of God (Allah) and thank god after finishing. Some of the food served is similar to ours In Indiana but there are foods to avoid and are forbiddened to eat. First, no eating pork. Second, no alcohol or smoking, or even sitting at a restaurant that allows it. Also, they don't believe in eating at restaurants. Commons foods are meat, grapes and different fruits, veggies like rice which are sometimes stuffed, cereal, honey and olive oil. There's a big rage of foods that you just got to get used to.
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Religious Ceremonies & Holidays

Each year, Muslims spend a month fasting which is called the Ramadan. This usually happens in the 9 month of the Isamic calendar. But that's not all, there's another holiday that has major importance. Each year, during the 12 month of their calendar, millions of Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia called Hajj. If you run into these holidays don't fight the crowd, just go along and enjoy their religious ceremonies. During the Hajj, Muslims perform a ritual that is designed to show that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah. The Hajj makes Muslims feel important and have a reason to be on earth. When attending, most wear white clothes that are very simple called Ihram. Mecca is a place so holy, that if you are a non-Muslim you are not allowed to enter.


Saudi Arabia is definitely worth the money to come and visit! They have beautiful landmarks and is a spectacular to see in person. You'll get to see different ways of life and experince something never before! If you would like to book a trip, contact me down below and I will answer any questions you might have.