Sapphire Pool and Spa

Construction of Swimming Pools with the Latest Techniques

In Sapphire Pool and Spa we build pools for over many years, time and passion for our work has made us experts in creating spaces for fun, relaxation and privacy, amazing pools. We are professionals with a solid reputation in design and Construction Swimming Pool Murrietta. Thanks to innovative techniques and cutting edge design trends construction, we get spectacular results.

In Sapphire Pool and Spa believe that customer satisfaction comes first and we want to listen and understand your needs and provide the best solution. We believe that an excellent Swimming Pool Design Corona depends on an excellent team. We believe in the responsibility to give the best result, the pool of your dreams. Be advised by a professional and visit us, we are happy to listen. We carry out projects of private swimming pools, community, hotels and spas.

In Sapphire Pool and Spa we engage with our customers, we seek your peace of mind, our goal is to combine aesthetics and comfort in one. Infinity pools or infinity pools, rectangular pools, Roman pools, pools kidney shaped pools, or irregular geometric shape made in shortcrete or if you prefer, also prefabricated solutions. Tell us your ideas; teach photos of your house and perimeter fence, colors, textures and materials that inspire you to build your pool and environment.

We believe that Quality is important. The pools, such as your home, should be well made. Everyone can build something if he tries, but only a professional who takes care of the details are concerned to build with quality materials ensure long life of the work, we will continue by your side when you finish building your pool and will to help with maintenance.