By: Jake McKown

Personal opinions

I think that vaccines are very successful. If one person got a mild side effect from it, then to bad. They are saving the world and the human race. If 90% of people got the vaccine, the virus would be virtually extinct. Also if a person got autism,at least he didn't get a deadly disease and die.


  • 6 years after the flu vaccine was introduced, the amount of cases was reduced by 98% in numbers meaning from 57,879 cases to 1,312
  • If an areas vaccination rate is 95% or higher than that area has "herd immunity" meaning they are immune
  • With vaccinations measles hasn't occurred in fifteen years, until people stopped worrying about and the virus came back
  • if our vaccination rate is worked on as a community, then we will end up being a much healthier society


  • Julie Shoeberger's baby was transformed from a happy confident little child to a shy unsocial baby because of vaccines
  • Testing is incomplete for vaccines so they could find a deep problem with vaccines in the near future
  • Vaccines are cost money, and not everyone can afford it or have parents to get them one

Summaray Paragraph

Vaccinations are a quick way to get rid of viruses in the world. Vaccines can give you nasty side effects though, like autism or a different sickness. Many people oppose of vaccinations because a loved one has gotten one of those side effects and it ruined their life. Most people are positive about them though because they think it prevents viruses and sicknesses from happening.