Timing of Puberty

Females vs. Males

Pubertal Development

Children go through puberty at ages 10-14 for girls, and 12-16 for boys. During the beginning of puberty, age 10 for girls and 12 for guys, there are notable differences. Some of these are broadening of shoulders and hips, longer legs, more muscle gain and gain more fat.

Pubertal Timing

There are risk factors for maturing earlier than other children. Some of the factors are heredity, nutrition/exercise, geographical education, SES, and even ethnic groups (higher risk if are African American). When puberty arrives early for both genders, different outcomes happen. For females the feel unpopular, withdrawn, negative body image, and low confidence. For males they are popular, confident, and have a positive body image.

When it comes to puberty happening later, the way males and females acted for early maturing switch. Now females are more confident, sociable, and are school leaders. While males are attention-seeking, unpopular, and anxious.