the six sales promotions

By Eric N.

premium item give away

premium item giveaways or premium merchandise is products with the company name or logo on it to promote their product or service. they are free items given away at sporting events and entertainment

contests and sweepstakes

a sweepstakes is a contest where a prize is awarded to the winner of a contest. a contest is were you preform submit or compete for the prize.
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sampiling is were you get a chance to try the product. companys do this to allow you to see if you like their products.
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point of purchase display

a form of sales that on or near the check out stand.
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special event

A Special Event is an outdoor event held on public or private property that a company creats to get the word out about an event.
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couponing is giving discounts on products to make people intrested in buying a product or service.
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