Pretty Paws Pet Grooming

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When Simply No Other Groomer Will Do.

25 Years Experience Grooming Small Dogs and Cats. Gentle, Loving Care in a clean, open concept salon. Family owned and operated means your pets get to know us!

Grooming by Crystal

Full Service Groom - includes Haircut, Bath, Nails, Ears, Anal Glands, Bows and Bandanas.

Small Dog - under 20 lbs - $35

Medium Dog - 20-40 lbs - $45

Touch-Up Groom - ( for long haired or full coated dogs, or in between full grooming,) includes Bath, Nails, Ears, Anal Glands, and trimming of feet, face, and a sanitary clip.

Small dog - $25

Medium dog - $35

Bath Only - for slick haired dogs, includes Bath, Nails, Ears, Anal Glands, Bow or Bandana.

Small Dogs - $15

Medium dogs-$20

Cats - Bath/ Brush/Nails for short hair - $25

Bath/Brush/Nails for long hair - $35

Shavedowns or Lion Clips ( with a bath) $50

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