Panda Post

Issue #18

Classroom News

Our non-fiction unit is in full swing! We definitely have some authors-in-the-making! Their non-fiction books are looking great!

We will continue working on missing parts of number problems in math using fact families and strip diagrams to help us. Reviewing flash cards is a great way to keep up the practice.

We seem to be very quickly running out of pencils for the year. If you could send some in, that would be awesome! We are also running low on glue sticks.

My students now have access to the website with their own account! This is an awesome website for reading practice. Please feel free to access it at home. Simply click on "student log-in" and you will be prompted to enter a teacher username. Mine is Brittanycolabrese. Then students can click on their name and type in their password (lunch number).

Sharing some writing last week

Next Week

Spelling words (inflectional endings -ing and -ed): walked, looking, planted, asked, jumping, filled, talking, needed, spelling, played

Upcoming Events

2/3 100th day of school!

2/9 Science Night and Super Citizen awards