Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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More than 40 percent of infants in a group who died of SIDS were found to have an abnormality in an importnant of the brain, researchers report. The abnormality affects the hippocampus, a brain area that have such functions as breathing, heart rate, and body temperature, coming from neurological connections to the brainstem. According to the researchers, supported by the National Institutes of Health, the abnormality was present more often in infants who died of SIDS than in infants whose deaths could be attributed to known causes.

#1 leading cause of infant death

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Two Seattle Children’s Hospital doctors have teamed up to find a answer to this SIDS mystery. They hypothesize that babies with inner ear damage are not able to wake up or move themselves away from danger if their breathing is compromised. Therefore, they suffer from a lack of oxygen and build up of carbon dioxide in their bodies while asleep and they can die.