Media Minute

A Newsletter for the Cardinal Heights Library Media Center

Things That Steph Breunig Can Do For You

  • Compile resources for your class assignments-websites, databases, books and more!
  • Talk about books
  • Co-Teach a lesson/unit (in your classroom or the library)
  • Assist with research
  • Order videos, books or other materials
  • Design tutorials and lessons
  • Help in any other way (Just ask!)

Noodle Tools: For Better Writers

Consider using Noodle Tools with your classes. In addition to being a citation manager, Noodle Tools also has a note card component, which students can use to organize their writing. Why use this? Because on one note card the student puts the direct quote. On the same page, the next note card is used to paraphrase that same information.
Because students are very familiar with copying and pasting, note cards on Noodle Tools helps them through the process of ingesting the information instead of just pasting someone else's thoughts.

Noodle Tools is best used with students on smaller assignments at this level but can be used for larger projects as well. All Cardinal Heights students have used this program before, so embrace it--they can help you through it!

Contact Steph to schedule a department workshop and learn how to integrate this wonderful tool in your classroom.

What is Being Checked Out in the Library?

Top 5 Fiction (plus one)

Non-Fiction Reading to Support Common Core

The 6-12 Online Resources page is a great place to search for non-fiction articles that support your curriculum. Go to our database page and search our Gale resources or Badgerlink Ebsco databases to find info on any topic.
You can also ask Steph Breunig to search for you! She will put together articles that will help your students with a particular topic and promote reading comprehension.
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Books and Breakfast Book Club

Thursday, Oct 2nd 7:30 a.m.

Publicize this with students-- our first book choice is Butter -- a book about bullies, the bullied and one boy's battle with himself. edgy and engaging...

The C-Heights LMC's Best Kept Secret

DId you know we have a Professional Library located in our LMC? You will find professional reading (searchable in the catalog), a pleasant atmosphere and a great place for department meetings. Stop by any time or reserve the space using Google Calendar.